Creative ‘Unsurity’

Tijmen Rümke
2 min readJun 11, 2021

Most of us have our insecurities. For creatives though, these work overtime. Insecurities get triggered when you can’t hide behind a formula and you’ve got to create something where you have to show your taste, opinions, or emotion. Now you can be judged. This the story of a creative’s life.

And judging they will. The work is subjective. I also have a camera in my phone/keyboard/seen a logo, that makes me totally qualified to tear down your photographs/writing/design. Sigh.

And worst of all, often they’re right! In mastering your craft, or simply in the process of creating, most of your work isn’t good enough.

It can be tempting to stay on the safe side. Create what you know how to. To not go too far over the edge. But, your best work can only be created if you allow yourself to not know. Of course, that’s scary because you might fail. You probably will. But it’s necessary.

You’ll have to be secure in being unsure. That means it’s important to distinguish between you and your work. The feedback is about your work. Not about you. Then the work can be shit. You’ll be grand and you’ll be learning.

In the conversation John and I had, we talked about the insecurities of creatives, feedback and managing them. We had a blast, John is such a supernova of energy and experience! Listen here!

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