Hi there, you smart monkey! Welcome back for another look in the CurioCabinet, your monthly dose of curiosity. The CurioCabinet is filled with objects that will make your head spin and that will bring a bit of curiosity to your life.

Aligned with Purpose — The Curious Way

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Excitement forces me to list this one first :).

The summer gives energy, new ideas and refreshing perspectives. Want to get back to work with a sense of alignment? With a clear direction on what you want to accomplish? With a clear idea where to start?

August 25. In this masterclass, we’ll adopt a Mindset of Curiosity to uncover your purpose, who you are at your core and to your dreams and mission.

Sign up now! I’m practically giving it for free (have I learned nothing from all these pricing blogs I’ve been writing?).

It’s €29 for one, €29 for two. So bring a friend.

More info and signup here.

Sam Harris — The Illusion of Free Will


Illusion? I’m pretty sure that I determine myself what I do and don’t do. My will is free! Or is it?

Many experiments are being done on our decision making and come back that our conscious mind has little to do with it. And if our will is not free, can I be blamed for my actions? Or can I be proud of my successes?

If I were to trade places with someone, atom for atom. Would I be that person? And would I then act like and make the same decisions as the other?

Or, is there something in me that isn’t made up of the atoms in me? A soul or spirit? But then, why hasn’t this something never been observed?

It’s a puzzle. But what will happen if one day it’s solved?

Seth Miller — This is how big oil will die


In this piece, Seth argues that one of the biggest drivers in the transition to electric transportation is the simplicity of the electric engine. Which severely reduces costs of ownership. And costs is where the battle for transition is fought.

We’ll need to see whether or not he’s right. But what I find equally interesting is that one of the potential main drivers for a change this big, is currently mostly overlooked. Like the invention of the washing machine as a driver for women’s emancipation last century.

What other small things are we overlooking that actually will have a major impact?

What number is halfway between 1 and 9? Is it 5 — or 3?


Nerd Alert! Both are true. But it depends if you look linearly or logarithmically. And which view is appropriate depends on the situation.

For example, multiplying the intensity of sensory stimuli causes a linear increase in the perceived intensity. Meaning, when you multiply the amount sound or light, and it increases by a step.

This is used to compress those mp3 and jpg files nice and tiny. And lots more.

Hope you enjoyed. If so, send me a quick reply! I’d love to hear it. And, send me the things that make your antennas of wonder go off! Maybe I’ll add them to the next edition.

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