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Tijmen Rümke
3 min readFeb 2, 2021

I’ve discovered podcasts in 2013 when someone I followed was a guest at the Unmistakable Creative podcast. It turned out to be a gateway-episode, because since then I was hooked.

I must have listened thousands of hours of audio. On my bike, in the train, when running. It’s not a medium that lends itself for consuming while sitting still. But it’s perfect for those in between spaces, where you’re doing something that requires only a little bit of your attention.

It’s been my third university. I mostly listen to interview-based podcasts. I’ve learned so many things while listening about entrepreneurship, health, psychology and humanity. Here are my favorite shows I’ve listened to all those years.

My Absolute Top 4

  1. The Unmistakable Creative Podcast (Srinivas Rao)
    Srini interviews creatives, experts and other trouble makers. You might not know the guests, but he’s such a great interviewer that always results in the most interesting conversations.
  2. The Reboot Podcast (with Jerry Colonna)
    The coaching conversations he has with guests (founders) are gold!
  3. On Being with Krista Tippett
    A down to earth spiritual journey. The tone of the interviews alone makes you calm and want to be a better person.
  4. Akimbo: A Podcast from Seth Godin
    Always a surprising take on marketing, culture and change making.

Rounding out my Top 9

New discoveries I’m enjoying

Specific series I’ve really enjoyed

Guilty Pleasures

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